Track tested and rider approved, the XLC-2 wheelsets line is our top of the line Alloy Wheels features a Pro level rear cassette hub that can take the power of a pro rider and keep you out front of the pack!

The XLC-2 Wheelsets feature a rear Cassette Hub with a 3 pawls system with 5 fin claws, locking into a 120 ratchet cutter ring, giving you that extra torque needed for full power gate starts! Also feature our exclusive Double walled 6061 T6 Alloy rims that offer 2 different rim profiles that feature a low profile, with Optimized Internal Geometry for light weight and optional strength. The rear hub also offers the option for you to be able to convert it for use with a disc brake! We offer this by allowing you to be able to accept a disc brake via an optional Disc Center Lock adapter! This gives you the best of both worlds. Set up out of the box for V Brakes, but you can upgrade to disc braking at anytime without getting a new rear hub!

XLC-2 451 Wheelsets


XLC-2 406 Wheelsets

Pro Lite/Pro

XLC-2 507 Wheelsets

Pro Lite/Pro Cruiser