Excess components offers a range of wheels that have been tested and ridden by pro riders, while giving you the look of a custom, hand built one off set of wheels for the Elite level of BMX racing. Our line of freewheels give riders the option to use a freewheel with confidence knowing that it has passed the true test of any BMX racing items, the rigorous demands of Pro riders. Each product from Excess is race ready and fully tested by Pro riders.

latest products

Ti spokes

Half the weight of traditional spokes, the Excess Titanium spokes will help you remove the most important type of weight off of your race machine, rotational weight.

Cassette Wheelsets

A set of Excess 351 Rims made By Sun Rims laced up on a set of Excel Hubs, feature Lightweight driver, 5 Colors and 5 sizes.

20mm front wheels

A front 351 Pro Wheel set up laced up on our 20mm front hub, letting you upgrade to a 20mm front end for your BMX racer.

LSP Crankset

The LSP crankset is new Forged Alloy 6061/T6 2-pc Crank that delivers enhanced torque rigidity when pedaling.

20mm Front Hubs

A fully sealed, ultra smooth, 20mm Excess Front hub for a simple and easy conversion of your current front wheel to step up to the 20mm front end set up.

lastest news

Joris Daudet Wins both French National and European Championships!
Bordeaux, France is known for its famed wine growing region, but for the past 2 weeks, it was know for the cream of the crop BMX racing . A specially built BMX track was built in this beautiful city to showcase the best of French BMX racers for the 1st weekend of racing and then the best of BMX for Europe as an entirety, with the European Championship event on week #2.
French National Championship & USA BMX South Park
While Joris Daudet was in France and wins the French National Championships in both Time Trial and Elite Mens Race!, Connor Fields attended stop #8 of the 2017 USA BMX Pro Series tour in South Park, PA, taking the overall win.
Put your bike on a Titanium Diet in time for Summer!
We are excited to now offer a line of Ti Spokes. The Ti spokes are around half the weight of the stock bolts !