Excess offers you 5 wheel sets that give you the look of a custom hand built set of wheels, with out the high price

We start out with a set of spec built Rims by SUN RINGLÉ, then color match the hubs to the rim, and add in lightweight Alloy nipples. Our Cassette hubs used on the 351 series wheels feature a lightweight body with custom Hub cones & washers. The Rear Cassette Hub features 4 Pawls & 96 Points of Engagement, a Lightweight driver, and includes Excess 16 tooth Cog, cassette lock ring, and spacer.

Custom 351 Rims made By Sun Rims Exclusively for Excess
20″×1-1/8″ & 20″×1-3/8″ come with lightweight alloy cassette driver
16 tooth Steel Rear Cog on 20″×1.50″ & 20″×1.75″, Alloy on 1-3/8″ and 1-1/8″
14G Stainless Steel Spokes with Alloy Nipples in colors
Excess Excel Hubs feature custom Hub cones & washers

Colors : 


20″ x 1-1/8″

24 stainless steel spokes

Spoke lengths:
Front 207mm
Rear 207/205mm

Wheel Weights:
Front 634 g
Rear 776 g

20″ x 1-3/8″

28 stainless steel spokes

Spoke Lengths :
Front 215mm
Rear 215/214mm

Wheel Weights:
Front 683 g
Rear 846 g

20″ x 1.50″

32 stainless steel spokes

Spoke Lengths:
Front 190mm
Rear 187mm

Wheel Weights:
Front 733 g
Rear 887 g

20″ x 1.75″

36 stainless steel spokes

Spoke Lengths:
Front 185mm
Rear 182mm

Wheel Weights:
Front 795 g
Rear 960 g

24″ x 1.75″

36 stainless steel spokes

Spoke Lengths:
Front 235mm
Rear 234mm

Wheel Weights:
Front 970 g
Rear 1120 g


Blue and Red Excess Wheels are now only offered with Polished Stainless Steel spokes.